New Year Same Hair

New Year Same Hair

What does January 1st mean to you, perhaps it's a new start, health goals, life style changes whatever it may be DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR HAIR.

We set so many New Year resolutions that included everything from health to dating and if you're like me I've started to choose a word that I can connect with throughout the year this year I have two consistency and faith to me those two words work hand and hand. Did you ever stop to think that a new hair cut and color can give you the boost you may need to complete those goals and resolutions. So we all have those pins from Pinterest with those super fly short hair cuts and color ,changing your mane can give you instant Gratification with the right hair cut your face can look slimmer and hi light your favorite facial features but we never make that jump. Why?

Over the years I've heard it all, to why some never make that change with their mane for the better. Here's my top 5 reasons and excuses to why.

Top 5 

Your hair still looks the same

1. That one day hair cut, one day when I lose 10 lbs                                     well you have lost it now what, treat yourself to a new hair cut to match your new look

2. My husband loves long hair                                                                     But it ages you by 10 years, it's thin and does he style it for you You Need to Cut It all jokes aside you have to do what's best for your hair it's no point in having long hair and it not be healthy, style.

3. Damage Damage but you still want to hold on to it                             Darling it's falling out and no deep conditioner, protein treatment are going to help hair looking like a weed wacker cut it! If you think of your hair like a tree branch when a part of the tree becomes damage you cut before it destroys the whole tree which can be more problematic so your ends are the branch when you don't cut your ends they will continue to split all the way up the hair shaft where one of two things or both can happen it cuts itself (breaks off) or creates a bald spot .

4. I don't know how to do my hair (ponytails are your go to)                      This is all the reason why you need shorter hair before your edges move back 3" from your hairline. Pulling your hair back everyday weakens your hair line that is already fragile this can lead to premature alopecia

5. I DON'T LOOK GO WITH SHORT HAIR                                                  There are various degrees of short hair, you would be surprise. Honestly not every hair stylist can cut short hair.  He or she would have to be very very detail and pay attention to your head shape, life style, facial features. Short hair is a personalized hair cut that's way it's my specialty.

       I encourage you to step out of your box , comfort zone this year. Don't leaves those pins there just to look at. CoCo Chanel said it best "A WOMAN WHO CUTS HER HAIR IS ABOUT TO CHANGE HER LIFT"